ATASA - Serra da Arada's Tourism and Agriculture Association is a non-profit association of socio-cultural and business dynamization, which aims to promote the territory of the Arada mountain range, inserted in the Union of the Parishes of Carvalhais and Candal, within the scope of tourism, agriculture and their interconnection, developing activities in these areas and also in the areas of environment, culture, history and various heritages, seeking to safeguard, raise awareness, promote and publicize the potential of the local community.

ATASA's mission is to look for new sources of study, promote and stimulate agriculture and tourism, working with local entrepreneurs, partners and the community, preserving traditions, helping local projects to gain momentum and estabilishing links. Its work also includes the preservation and dissemination of the local identity of the Serra da Arada territory, such as popular culture, endogenous products, gastronomy, landscapes, nature; these are the fundamental elements and values ​​that differentiates this community.

It is on the basis of these attributes ​​that ATASA values the Tradidanças Festival as an artistic-cultural project, which promotes ancestral knowledge crossed with contemporaneity, in a search of a cultural offer for the local community and general visitors alike.

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