Is there any way from São Pedro do Sul to reach the site?

Yes, there are transfers that take the Termas-São Pedro do Sul-Carvalhais route and vice-versa. The timetables are available a few days before the festival at:

Where can I eat during the festival?

During the event, inside the festival site it is possible to eat in the Festival Canteen (vegetarian, vegan and omnivorous food), in the Food Square (vegetarian, vegan and regional food) and, outside the event site, in local restaurants. More information is available at Other Where to Eat Solutions/Restaurants tab at:

Can I bring animal into the festival with me?

According to the current legislation in force, pets are allowed to enter Tradidanças, provided that all norms / rules are complied with. You can access all information at:

What time can I enter the festival site?

You can enter the main festival site from 9am..