How can I access the camping areas of the festival?

Tickets (General and Daily) give access to the camping area and it is not necessary to make any pre-registration. Upon arrival at the campsite, there is a space dedicated to welcoming campers where you will complete a registration form and festival organisers will clarify the use of this space.

From what day is it possible to use the camping area / caravan park?

You can camp from the day before the first festival day.

Can I cook on the campsite?

At the campsite, there will be dedicated areas for cooking, but everyone must bring their own equipment and food.

Can I rent a tent at the festival?

No, the festival does not provide tents for renting. You must bring your own tent if you wish to camp.

Is there a caravan park?

Yes, there is a caravan park in the camping area. There is access to a water point and toilets, but there is no electricity.

Can I bring my car to the campsite?

No, cars are only permitted in the caravan park.

How are the camping / washing conditions?

Tradidanças' campsite operates in a forested area with plenty of shade, close to the events.
This is a space with an approximate area of two hectares with a capacity for 2000 people in standard-sized tents.
The infrastructure is temporary given that they are only used in this area for the duration of the festival, but there are two wash areas, both distributed by gender, one of which has hot water. There are also several toilets on site.
The camping area will be equipped with first-line firefighting equipment, and camping places are allocated in the order of arrival at the site.