Where can I buy tickets for Tradidanças?

The General Ticket (5 days) is for sale at the following locations: Festival Ticket Office | Parish Council of Carvalhais and Candal (São Pedro do Sul) | Termas de São Pedro do Sul Tourism Office | Municipal Library of São Pedro do Sul | BOL - Online Ticket Office | CTT (Post Office) | FNAC | Worten | El Corte Inglés.
“Local” and “Partner” tickets are only available at São Pedro do Sul points of sale.
Daily Tickets will be on sale during the festival at the ticket office of the event.

Where can I exchange the ticket for the Tradidanças bracelet?

The ticket can be exchanged for the bracelet at the Festival Ticket Office.

Can I ask someone else to collect my bracelet?

No. Upon collection, the bracelet is fastened onto the wrist of each participant by the ticket office team.

Are the tickets for the festival likely to be sold out?

So far, and considering the previous festivals, there has been no need to limit ticket sales.

Does the General Ticket give access to all events? What about the Daily ticket?

Yes, the General Ticket gives access to the entire event and its event spaces. Likewise, the Daily Ticket allows access to all spaces and events available on that day.

What time does the Ticket Office close?

The Ticket Office closes at 2am.